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Our Services

A Global benchmark for Quality and Integrity

TCT understands that commodity trading is a complex and challenging operation, because of the huge number of variables involved, that’s why a whole supply chain is developed to get the job done perfectly.

From transportation planning to tracking, documentation, quantity and volume measurement, financial and shipping solutions, TCT team is always present and following closely around the clock.
Whether you are trading agricultural goods, oil, gas, chemicals, ore, coal, biofuels, steel, fertilizers, or any other commodity, we will be able to provide specialized solutions to make your business faster, simpler, and more efficient.

Chartering & Shipping

The heart of any successful trade lies in logistics, and this is what we consider when shipping your commodity and handling the procedures.
Cargo and port activities are exactly our operational involvement that keeps us so closely abreast in maintaining a competitive edge. We provide constant follow-up with you from day one of your order till the deal is closed and safely delivered.
With TCT, chartering & shipping procedures were never easier, no complicated routes, no lost communications, no lack of follow-ups … what we say is what you get!


Our deals have crossed the domestic market to all countries worldwide, so we pride ourselves on providing high-quality commodities complying with international market needs. Our trading terms are smooth, organized, and easy to fulfill.

Trading is an art; not everyone can master. We are clear and adherent to our commitments and deal with, no room for doubts or misleading.


As our services are integrated; we provide you with the financing service to close your deals and this is one of the unique features offered in this industry. Premium payment facilities are available with various paradigms. You no longer have to worry about placing a big order. In fact, we encourage you to order bulk commodities as your industry won’t wait much to get its needs while you’re thinking about payment obstacles.
We don’t treat you as a client, you are our partner.