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About Us

Your trusted
trading partner.

Triangle Commodities Trading is your trusted bridge to global energy solutions. We navigate the complexities of the international market, ensuring efficient sourcing and secure delivery of essential energy products – refined oil, petrochemicals, and fertilizers – across key regions.

Our focus on flexibility empowers us to capture fleeting market opportunities and adjust our trading strategies to the ever-evolving market landscape.  

This agility is further bolstered by our emphasis on efficiency throughout the entire supply chain.

Through strategic partnerships with key players in ports, terminals, railways, storage facilities, and transportation fleets, we optimize trade routes and maintain the highest standards of safety and efficiency, from procurement to final delivery.

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Our core strength lies in the efficient sourcing, procurement, and distribution of a diverse array of commodities. This includes crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, and petcoke. We strategically focus on key regions like the Middle East, North/East Africa, the Mediterranean, Black Sea, South Asia, and the Far East.

Furthermore, our team of seasoned professionals boasts expertise across various disciplines, including finance, marketing, risk management, storage, shipping, refining/processing, and physical trading. This deep acumen allows us to capitalize on market opportunities and deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.


As an intermediary between suppliers and buyers of primary and secondary commodities, we do what it takes to deliver all types of commodities (raw materials, fertilizers, energy products, minerals, metals, food and more) in the best shape and condition and in a timely manner.
Out of our social responsibility towards the clients as well as our efficient and responsible trading strategy, we are helping to drive sustainable growth across Africa and beyond as a part of the supply chain we control.

We aspire to become a leading company for all types of commodities worldwide through our extensive network of partners, shipping lines, and financial solutions we proudly developed.
As the market needs evolve, we are increasingly looking to focus beyond the normal trading cycle to provide innovative solutions that meet our clients’ rapidly changing needs.
As a trusted partner to our clients, we aim at staying agile and quick to react to market dynamics and provide optimal value to our customers.