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Raw Materials

Sulfur elements are essential nutrients contributing to 0.2-0.5% of a plant’s nutritional ingredient. It is known for its role in the synthesis of plant proteins and in boosting nitrogen use efficiency.
Sulfur functions are similar to those of Nitrogen. Sulfur is a constituent of amino acids, vitamins, and many protein enzymes which regulate photosynthesis and Nitrogen fixation.
It is largely associated with improving crop quality. Crops with a high oil content (such as oilseed rape) have a particularly high sulfur requirement.
Sulfur collaborated with Nitrogen to grow the plant more effectively, so crops with a high nitrogen requirement, tend to have sulfur as well.
TCT sourced and transported tons of high-quality molten, formed, and prilled Sulphur to different clients inside and outside the Middle-East.

Sulfur fertilizers products available:
– Sulfur
– Sulfuric Acid